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This site is considered a genealogical research web site.  It is owned and operated by Valerie J. (Miller) Buchanan, hereafter referred to as the Site Coordinator. The site has been published for the expressed purpose of research and collection of information and the documentation of genealogical history and ancestry as it pertains to the Site Coordinator.


Published information shall be limited to only that which is required to establish the familial connection between the individual and this Site Coordinator.  This site shall not publish photographic images of any person known to be living at the time of publication. 


It is further understood that neither this site or any sub-pages and/or links contained within this site which were created and managed by this Site Coordinator shall publish any information either statistically or photographically of any person or persons other than what is required for the purpose described above and is approved by law.


Regarding the use of the interactive forms throughout this site to include any sub-pages, which have been created by this Site Coordinator.  Any information submitted though the use of any of the interactive forms located within this site, to include any of the sub-pages, which are governed by this Site Coordinator, is considered private in nature.  This information is not in any manner published, retained or stored on the form or the web site.  All interactive forms will automatically clear themselves and reset upon submission.


Any information collected through personal research or voluntary submission shall be maintained with the utmost concern for individual privacy.  All information is maintained in hard copy form only, located in three ring binders for the personal references of any person so named within.


This web site is the personal and intellectual property of Valerie J. Buchanan; use of this web site is governed by “Terms of Use”.  Any reproduction of this site, either whole or in part, to include any sites contained herein is expressly prohibited.  Linking this site or any site contained therein to any other site constitutes and shall be viewed as ‘reproduction’ and is expressly prohibited.  Such action constitutes active infringements in accordance with current state and federal laws governing copyrighted materials.