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Philosophically Speaking
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“Cyber Space – The Last and Final Frontier” 


Addressing the ‘interactive’ aspects of this and other sites on the Internet.  Cyber Space, it is at the same time the most fascinating and yet the most terrifying place, that psychological and philosophical place that isn’t a place at all.  A metaphorical place that contains dangers that are as real and life altering as the dangers we face in the physical world.


The evolutionary process of my own internet experience over the last decade or so has proven to be quite a learning experience in so many ways.  The ability to connect with people from all over the world, to share personal experiences, information and knowledge has demonstrated to me just how small our world has become in this century.


Over the years I’ve created and deleted various web pages for probably more reasons than I could actually list here.  I have found that much like the real world, people and friendships come and go in the cyber world as well.  Some recent and some not so much, I have become involved in various socially interactive forums that cover a multitude of subjects and I have enjoyed them very much.  I can only hope that my contributions have equaled as much as I have taken away from them.


I am very much an advocate of the Internet, yet the greater majority of the referenced evolutionary process has been in both the protection and preservation of “Self” in most ways.  Privacy and all that it entails is and should be of the utmost concern to anyone who has created their own little space out here in cyber space.


Be it something so seemingly innocent as the creation of a MySpace page or a Facebook page, or even a Web Page such as this one, privacy and control should be the primary guiding factor in the entire process.  All of that may seem like a serious contradiction in terms when applied to myself.  The most powerful tool in cyber space as in the real world is and always will be – knowledge.


While knowledge does not always bring with it a satisfactory degree of acceptance, it does provide us with the ability to recognize and utilize the tools available to us.  The best tools we have with regards to anything we do either here in Cyber Space or in the Real World is taking personal responsibility for our actions combined with a healthy dose of basic common sense.


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