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Currently Attending Kaplan University Online

Course of Study:  Criminal Justice


Southwest Texas State University          1987 - 1991

San Marcos, Texas

Graduated:  1991

Student Status:  Alumni

Degree:  Master's Degree

Major:  Business Administration

Minor:  Accounting

Elective:  Theological Diversity


University of Alaska Anchorage          1983 - 1985

Anchorage, Alaska

Graduated:  1985

Student Status:  Alumni

Degree:  Bachelors

Major:  Business Administration

Minor:  Information Systems Management

Elective:  Theological Concepts


Austin Community College          1978 - 1979

Austin, Texas

Graduated:  1979

Student Status:  Alumni

Degree:  Associate

Major:  Personnel & Business Administration

Minor:  Humanitarian Studies

Elective:  Applications in Theology


David Anderson High School         1973 - 1977

Lisbon, Ohio

Graduated:  1977

Student Status:  Alumni

Degree:  High School Diploma


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