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Welcome to the genealogy section of this web site.  This page is essentially an introduction that provides a very basic overview of Heritage House, a link to the actual site is provided at the bottom of this page.  It is my personal genealogical endeavor that grew from the original joint project between my Mother and myself, which began during the Summer of 2000.


The original project was a simple one; create scrapbooks for our immediate family.  Most if not all of Mom’s photo albums were pretty much disorganized jumbles of pictures, to include a lot of photos that were loosely kept in shoeboxes or ziplock baggies and some still in their original envelopes from the processing.  Sitting at the kitchen table, we began looking through all of these photos and making notes about them, it was special quality time between her and I, time that I will always treasure beyond words.


However, my Mother passed away in January of 2002 before we could complete that project.  It took until around 2004 before I could actually pick it back up.  During the time we had worked on the original one, we had also talked about developing a “Family Directory” that would ultimately become the root document for my personal genealogy project.


After much thought and consideration on my part, not an easy task personally; I finally settled on the name Heritage House because to me it represented the essence of what the project was all about as well as placed no more significance on any one surname over another within my family heritage.  Additionally, this is a personal project into not just my own personal lineage, but a journey into the historical past of my family as a whole.


There are more personal genealogy sites out there on the Internet than is possible to number, each designed for the specific purpose and use of the creator.  While this particular site is no different in that aspect, it is different and unusual in that this site has been designed as much if not more for direct interaction between family members and eventually as being a searchable database.  The only genealogical lineage posted to this site is my own personal lineage to the particular surname; all others are maintained at home in ‘hard copy’ form in a few three ring binders and are not published in any manner on this site or otherwise.


Heritage House respects the privacy of others and posts no information regarding family members beyond that which is either considered to be 'public information' and/or required to establish the genealogical connection to me.  Furthermore, there are no photographic images published on the web site beyond those permitted by law; in that no photo shall be published of a living person without expressed written consent of that individual.  All photographic images have also been officially watermarked as copyrighted material as a measure against theft.  Although this is not an absolute guarantee against the plagiaristic use of any material in this site including photographic images.


Heritage House has also been listed on various genealogical search engines for the purpose of connecting with others within my family who may also be conducting their own family genealogy search.


Additionally, Heritage House contains a page entitled “The Family Workshop” which is exclusively devoted to the sharing of specific information between family members only.  This information is shared through the use of interactive forms on specific subjects, events or information.  There is absolutely no information retained by or stored on this web site; all of the interactive forms will automatically clear themselves and reset for the next submission as soon as the information has been sent.

If you would like to view the complete Heritage House web site, please click on the link provided below.  Please note, because this site is not a 'stand alone' site, if you click on any of the links contained within, you will be taken away from this site.  If you want to move through the Heritage House site, you will have to close each page and return to that site from this link.  I apologize for the inconvenience, current changes in the web service do not allow for 'link backs' on this type of web page.

Heritage House - A Family History

If you are a family member and only interested in submitting information for the purpose of updating an existing or creating a “Family Fact Sheet” with regards to yourself, please click on the link provided below.  Please note, for those who do not wish to enter information on the forms, please feel free to simply email me through the "Contact Me" page of this site.

The Family Workshop

Visitors can move around through this site by using the 'back' button in the top left corner of the open window.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or otherwise concerning information posted either on this site or the Heritage House web site, please use the “Contact Me” page located on the navigation bar.

For those who may be interested in an interactive forum concerning the Heritage House Web Site, there is also a blog that was created for this purpose.  This blog was established as a means of exchanging information with others who are not family members regarding my personal genealogy search.


I wanted to establish an open forum of sorts for discussing information collected through online sources.  It is here for the purpose of clarifying information either located through a search or that which has been submitted through user participation.


Feel free to click on the link below to visit the blog.

The Heritage House Blog


This web site is the personal and intellectual property of Valerie J. Buchanan.  Any reproduction of this site, either whole or in part, to include any sites contained herein is expressly prohibited.  Linking this site or any site contained therein to any other site constitutes and shall be viewed as ‘reproduction’ and is expressly prohibited.  Such action constitutes active infringements in accordance with current state and federal laws governing copyrighted materials.