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Marital Status:  

     I've been married in the past and at my age I don't see a need for going down that road again.  I am however, quite happily involved in a wonderful relationship and not looking.


Personally Speaking:

     I’m only 5’1.5 with some excess baggage that I’m working on, but at 51 nobody really cares about that but me.  Personally, I don’t really look a whole lot different than I did when I left high school, brown hair, hazel eyes and wear contacts rather than glasses.



     Having attended the third grade through High School Graduation in the same town, I would have to claim Lisbon, Ohio as being my hometown.  I do enjoy visiting there often, I've always considered it a quaint little town.  I visit the Steel Trolly Diner each and every time I visit and would recommend it to anyone!


Political Orientation:

     If I have to pick a category - I would say Libertarian, although recently I've become interested more in the 'candidate' than in the past, as well as being more of an 'issues voter' rather than a strict 'party voter'.  Additionally I would have to say that I'm not quite as conservative or 'hard line' on specicifc issues as I once was.  Age and experience I suppose have made me a little more open minded than I have been in the past.



     White/Caucasian.  As an amateur genealogist I have currently traced familial lineage to Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany and Holland.  This is a never ending project and I look forward to each and every discovery through my searches.



     Self-Realization Fellowship



     Post Graduate - and still going



     Semi-Retired, Part-time Store Clerk


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