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This site is just what it claims to be, right, wrong or indifferent.  It is essentially my Cyber Foot Print so to speak of what I'm all about as not just an individual, but a person and a human being.
So why create a web site?  I believe that we are all unique individuals and should not allow ourselves to become nothing more than an element for someone else's statistical research.

This site was actually created a number of years ago without a lot of thought as to what it was going to be about other than satisfying my own curiosity about web design. While it has gone through many changes and served various purposes over the years, I haven’t really done a whole lot with it since its creation.


Recently I have found myself with much more time on my hands due to physical limitations and have sought intellectual challenges through the Internet.  I have become more and more active in different areas of the Internet communications such as interactive sites like Yedda, LiveJournal and some of the other forums and message boards.  I have redesigned this site to accommodate, represent and to adapt to my personal preferences and me as I moved along that evolutionary process.


I think the biggest reason for my choice in using a personally designed web site in this manner is because it is my choice to have more control over specific aspects of the various sites that I currently use on the Internet. Areas of particular concern are the "personal information" sections of the interactive as well as non-social sites.  I find that most of them have limitations in place that are far too restrictive when it comes to self-expression.  I absolutely resent the assumption that people are all neatly designed to fit into specific holes in a given board, thus I refuse to simply answer yes or no questions, pick from silly multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks on questions I don't feel like answering much less agree with any of the provided choices.


While this is essentially my personal site, there won’t be any family pictures or stories about family vacations, which is reserved for other places here on the Internet. This is also out of respect for the well-founded fears of those who matter to me very much.   Rather than being a place where I post information about my personal life, this is more of a place where I post an extension of myself, such as beliefs and opinions.  While online friendships do happen and I am not adverse to them, my participation in certain interactive sites isn’t really intended for the purpose of becoming part of a personal “socializing” network so to speak.  The primary goal of this particular site is in reality multi-purpose, which is addressed in each of the sub pages.  It's not here for the purpose of exposing the whole of my personal life, beyond what is in reality already public information anyway. 


In the interest of Internet socialization, I have MySpace, which I use for my younger nieces and nephews, and Facebook for my adult friends for that purpose.  The greater majority of those listed on both of those sites are real people that I personally know and the greater majority of them are people that I am actually related to by blood or marriage.  Those that do not fall into the "I personally know" category are quite obvious because they are clearly listed as groups or organizations I support or they are singers, songwriters and bands that I follow as a "fan" because I enjoy listening to them while I’m working online.


While some may or may not agree with everything or even anything I say on this site, I respect that and accept our differences.  The beauty of our uniqueness is what creates the fascinating world in which we live.  Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could all just come to the understanding that we all have something to contribute if we would just listen to each other. 


Regardless, thanks for dropping by!

I want to extend this small word of caution to anyone visiting this site.  While the greater majority of it is in my opinion (obviously) informative and educational, I am well aware of the sensitivities of others.  Please read my personal narrative provided by clicking on the link below.

Just a Word of Caution

This web site is the personal and intellectual property of Valerie J. Buchanan and is protected under those laws as they are written within the United States and the State of Ohio.  Please feel free to view the site, bookmark it or even share it, however it is expressly forbidden to copy or reproduce any portion of this site without the expressed written consent from the intellectual property owner.  Questions, comments and/or concerns should be directed to