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The following links are the culminated results of combining the various types of information normally gathered through “profiles” on various Internet sites.  A number of years ago when I first became associated with America Online the “Personal Profile” was important to many of us.  When we would gather in various chat rooms, a lot of us would always check out this feature when “new” people entered the chat room.  Almost every socially interactive site on the Internet asks the members to complete some form of profile by asking various questions.


I don’t usually fill out any of these “profiles” because they usually have cookie cutter style questions with multiple choice answers that all too often don’t fit anywhere near what I would actually choose.  I don’t care for the basic yes or no answers that a lot of them ask for, especially to questions I really don’t fee like answering anyway.  People do not conveniently fit into generalized categories.

Basic Details

Educational History

Hobbies and Interests

The following links, while opinion based are concerned more with me personally rather than any specific issue beyond what is stated.  They are meant primarily for the purpose of providing some additional degree of insight to my ‘personal attitude’ which is fundamental in the ‘why’ I feel the way I do on a given subject, issue or situation.


Having been associated with the Internet since early 1990, with Cyber Space as in real life, there are histories or ‘pasts’ created by the footprints we leave behind.  I have long since maintained more than one email address, each one established for a specific purpose.  Way back when, there wasn’t the available option on AOL to be able to choose “make me invisible” when signing on.  That factor as well as the “green” movement as in the ‘save a tree’ concept, I too went paperless with as many of my household bills as possible; thus the result of multiple screen names and email addresses.


While I have never used my primary screen name and email for anything, my preferred choice of Internet identity was Avaloyuru.  A name that in itself has a bit of a story that is a bit more of ‘interesting facts about me’ sort of thing, which is why it is included in this page.

Coming up with a screen name, my history in Cyber Space...

Discovering Avaloyuru

Here are some links to some of my favorite things.  Some are sites created by me while others will be places I frequently visit...

This particular site is part of a series of sites I created a number of years ago that was meant as a celebration of my heritage, I hope you enjoy it.

Growing up Appalachian

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