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This particular page has been incorporated into this site as something that is parallel to the more common outlet of blogging or journaling.  It is more fashioned after the concept of nightly news commentaries, where the anchorperson provided their ‘personal opinion’ on a given news headline instead of just reporting the information.  One of the more famous commentators and talk-radio pioneers of whom I personally enjoyed listening to would be Paul Harvey with his infamous line “And now you know the rest of the story.”


Divided into specific categories, the following links are to individual web pages I have created for the purpose of commenting on a specific issue; identified by the title of the link.  The opinions stated within these pages are my own personal opinions and it should be understood that I am just one individual who chose to speak out on a given issue and I am not reporting anything in any form of official capacity.


Please note, above each link is a brief synopsis as to the content of the page.  Additionally, each page was created as a ‘stand alone’ page and is deigned to open in its own window.  Closing the page should bring you back to this page.


The reasoning behind this link below is two-fold.  It is here primarily for the purpose of spreading the word about what is happening to the Veterans Memorial, which is located in the American Mohave Desert.  Secondary to that purpose is my personal expression of Christian hypocrisy in relation to the subjects of “Freedom of Religion” and “Separation of Church and State.”


I would be the last person anywhere to prohibit or deny in any fashion another human being the right to their own religious and spiritual beliefs; to include the practice of the same.  However, I sincerely and actively draw the line on supporting the erroneous belief that this country was founded on the Christian beliefs.


This particular commentary came about as with a number of these pages, through a subject raised in one of the open forums or discussion groups in which I am an active participant.  As with some subjects, it is not actually the topic but rather the presentation of it as well as the information contained within it and the discussion that follows.  This commentary is more of a rebuttal to some of the content of that discussion.



This web site is the personal and intellectual property of Valerie J. Buchanan and is protected under those laws as they are written within the United States and the State of Ohio.  Please feel free to view the site, bookmark it or even share it, however it is expressly forbidden to copy or reproduce any portion of this site without the expressed written consent from the intellectual property owner.  Questions, comments and/or concerns should be directed to