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This site is hardly meant to be the deep philosophical question about the purpose of life, mankind or even on a personal level.  Rather as I have already stated on the Home Page of this site, it is more of my own personal evolutionary process.


It is a process that encompasses the three major points in life; a journey toward a higher level of spirituality, building emotional stability and improving the physical state.  There are different times in all of our lives where we just feel like we have to say something about something, There are those who struggle with these issues sometimes for long periods of time; keeping things buried within ourselves because we are either too afraid of the overall ramifications that we may suffer by speaking out.  Without the proper balance of all three of these major points, we can become overwhelmed and even lost to ourselves.


While they can also be extremely enjoyable, becoming active in the various forums brings us into direct contact with many and varied viewpoints.  More often than I care for, these interactions can evolve into hostile disputes verses any form of real discussion or intellectual debate.


Since the beginning of time, religion and politics seem to be the two subjects that can ignite the worst in many people.  The current world atmosphere however brings these two subjects together more often now than ever.


My purpose for being where I am today regarding the Internet, example would be Yedda in particular however including various political message boards; is simply to add my own voice to these and various other topics of discussion.  It is human nature to want to be heard, to have your voice made known on various issues that are important to us.  It is not my intention to get into an argument with anyone.  However, I will not allow myself to be harassed or badgered by anyone either.


Even with that frame of mind, it may seem like a contradiction in terms to say that one of the underlying purposes is to be a reminder to some that there are many other religions and spiritual beliefs outside of Christianity.  There are so many people here is the United States that speak in such a manner so as to indicate that this thought has never crossed their mind.  The automatic assumption is made that the person they are speaking to; either directly or through some other venue such as the Internet is a Christian.


People who do not share the Christian faith are as devout in their own spiritual beliefs as are Christians and it is my feelings that these are things that need to be respected from both sides.  Because I do not have to share your beliefs in order to respect your right to have them or to even express them; I ask only for the same respect in return.


While I have not adopted it entirely as my own personal belief system, I have for many years been a student of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda through the Self-Realization Fellowship.  Further explanation of that would be virtually impossible here on this site; therefore I have included a link to the Fellowships Web Site at the bottom of this narrative for those who may have an interest as what it is.


While in most cases I do tend to avoid the subjects of religion and politics, they are not absolute taboo subjects for me.  Either in person or through the Internet, my participation in these discussions depends entirely on the subject on the table as well as how the subject is presented.  These specific subjects while of great interest to me are just not always subjects that I feel a particular need to become unnecessarily entangled with on a regular basis.


My only comments regarding any political platform are to state that while I am essentially a Libertarian.  I believe that for the common good of this country there needs to be established a more bipartisan support system within our government.  I do not strictly adhere to one party over another.  I have been known to vote more according to a candidate’s stance on a given issue rather than what party he or she has aligned themselves.


I am a sincere advocate of a complete separation of Church and State.  I do sincerely feel that religion should not play a part in political or secular decisions.  Because we are a nation of varied backgrounds in all aspects of life, religious beliefs included, one religion should not govern the whole of this nation.  Contrary to popular belief while the Founding Fathers of this country were religious people, this country was not founded on the Judean-Christian beliefs at least not in the manner in which Christianity presents itself today.

For those who may be interested (even just a little) as to exactly what Self-Realization is, I have provided a link to the main site.  When viewed with an open mind, it can be a fascinating journey into the attainment of a higher level of personal fulfillment.

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