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Personal Disputations

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Personal Disputations

“Personal Disputations” can best be described by its subtitle “Frank, Unorthodox and Politically Incorrect.”  It is a very opinionated blog that chronicles my personal opinions regarding issues that are taken straight from the headlines of the various newsletters and newspapers to which I subscribe.  I do advise caution as the subject matter can most often be of an adult nature.


The purpose of this blog is neither to antagonize some nor to patronize others.  The opinions expressed within the pages are my own.  I am merely lending my ‘voice’ so to speak in support of or the dissatisfaction with a specific issue.  In addition, there are certain topics where I will lend my ‘voice’ and support for those I feel cannot speak for themselves.


I accept the fact that there will be readers of many posts contained within this blog who consider them as little more than rants; again an opinion is an opinion whether it is a rant or a statement.  If you take offense at anything posted here, please feel free to comment.  However, make sure you understand exactly what you are being offended by before you take action to express it.

Personal Disputations

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