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Heritage House Memorial Tributes

Heritage House
Heritage House Memorial Tributes
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In August of this year (2010) I began creating what became known as “Remembrance Posts” on my Facebook page because I needed some avenue of expressing my love for my Grandmother, Margie E. Hughes as well as trying to let go of the pain. Thus was born the first of these posts, which began appearing on both, my Facebook page as well as the Heritage House Group page.

I will always consider the summer of 2010 as “The Summer of Losses” because of the number of passings occurring between the months of April through September. It is with these events in mind that I have decided to create this particular Blog. A special place where these people, both family and friends who have meant so much to me will have a permanent place of honor and remembrance. It is here for all of them, past, present and future.

Please remember that the comments contained within this blog are my personal “Tributes and Remembrances” and while others are encouraged and invited to post their own thoughts; I ask that they be submitted in a respectful manner. Some of these may still appear on the Heritage House Group page, but they will no longer appear on my personal Facebook Page for multiple reasons.

Heritage House Memorial Tributes

Alphabetical order of posted Memorials:
Buchanan, Michael W.
08/28/1953 to 09/24/2010
Gorby, Glenn A.
07/13/1922 to 08/29/2010
Hughes, Margie E.
09/01/1921 to 08/02/2010


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