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One style of interactive sites I've participated in over the years has been journaling or blogging as it is now called.  Similar to a couple of other pages within this site, this is a ‘landing page’ in that it serves as a collection point for the various blogs that I currently maintain for public viewing.


The navigation bar to the left lists all of the blogs by title, provided in no specific order.  Each page contains a basic introduction or overview as to what the blog is about, followed by a link to the actual blog page itself.


Provided below is an interactive form through which a reader can submit a comment to me without making a comment on any of the blogs themselves.  The information will be sent to a private non-published email address that I have listed with this web sites publisher.

While not intended to discourage comments, the following 'Publication Disclaimer' is provided.  By using the 'comment form' below, you are acknowledging that any material submitted therein becomes the personal property of the web master of this site.

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