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Heritage House Note-Pad

Robert Starkey
Merland Miller

This page is basically an extension of the Heritage House Blog, provided here to allow individuals to privately submit information regarding anything they may know about a specific topic or subject as it is listed to the left.


Provided at the bottom of each page is an interactive form, through which anyone can submit information.  The information is forwarded through the site hosting service to a private, non-published email address of the site coordinator.  There is no record maintained here on this site of either what information was sent, by whom or the email address from which it was sent.  This site does not retain any information submitted by anyone.  Each interactive form contained throughout this side will automatically clear itself and reset for the next submission.


I want to thank any individual in advance for providing any information that they may have that will assist me in this personal project.


If you are a family member who is seeking information regarding a specific family member or attempting to verify that an individual is a family member; please feel free to use the "Comment Form" below.  Please provide as much information as you can and be prepared to provide additional information if necessary.  Also, as the site coordinator I do not make any promises that I will have the information you are looking for.  I will however at least attempt to locate it for you and forward it to whatever email address you specify.

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SPECIAL NOTE:  The web site does not retain any information submitted through the use of the interactive forms contained therein.  All forms automatically clear themselves once the information has been submitted.  It is sent to a non-published email address through the publisher directly to the site coordinator.  All information is then hand written into the Family Directory and is not published in any form through any medium.