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Merland Miller

Robert Starkey
Merland Miller

Merland Martin Miller - aka "Bud"


            This is my biological father.  I know only that he is deceased, I do not know the date of death or the date of his birth.  I believe that he was living in the area of Liberty, Ohio at the time of his death. 


            I have a picture of his Mother and his maternal Grandmother.  There is nothing written on the backs of them, therefore I do not know their names.  What information I have on him is that he had at least two sisters, possibly three but no brothers.  I know the names of two of his sisters Margie and Helen; I can find no information on a third sister.


            Margie married a man named Lloyd, I either never knew or can’t remember his last name.  His name may have also been Floyd. I believe they had three daughters, but I do not recall their names.


            Helen married a man named Paul Rentz.  There is a daughter Jenny and a son but I do not remember his name.  I met with Jenny and her husband while I was in Germany.  I was stationed on Gibbs Kaserne in Frankfurt at the time.


UPDATE:  While discussing the difficulty I have been having in locating any information about my biological father with my Aunt Sue and Aunt MaryEllen, I was told that they had seen him sign his name in the past and that he actually spelled it "Merlin".  The spelling that I have been going by is the spelling obtained my looking at my birth certificate.


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