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Robert Starkey

Robert Starkey
Merland Miller

Robert Wallace Starkey 


            My Mother (Carol Ann Hostetter) and “Bud” Miller divorced when I was approximately 5, but no older than 7.  She married Robert Wallace Starkey in July of 1967.  He had a son John Allen Starkey, his mothers name was Nancy Manzer.  To my knowledge Robert and Nancy were never married.  I have no information regarding her middle name.  I have been told that she has relocated to either Florida or South Carolina.


     I want to take a moment to update this post.  My sister Malinda (Starkey)Shepard/Burnip/Hopfenziz called me yesterday (05/03/2010) after 'discovering' this site.  She provided a lot of the the requested information...  Thank you so much!!


     Roberts' Fathers' name was Albert Lazelle Starkey and his Mothers' name was Erma Lorena (Fellows) Starkey.  They were originally from Reader, West Virginia.


     I know that Erma passed away after a period of illness related to her kidney's.  I believe she was in Salem City Hospital, Salem, Ohio at the time of her death.  I am currently searching through a West Virginia site provided by Graydon Gorby regarding anything I can find out there.


UPDATE:  After visiting the site provided by Graydon, I located a copy of Albert and Erma's Marriage Certificate in Clark County, West Virginia.  It shows that Albert was born in Mannington, West Virginia and Erma was born in Long Bottom, Ohio.  The names of their parents were not provided.  They were married in Wheeling, West Virginia on May 10, 1926.  The certificate states that at the time of the marriage Albert's place of residence was still Mannington, West Virginia; he was 27 years old and Erma's place of residence was Wheeling, West Virginia; she was 23 years old. 


     I would still appreciate any additional information anyone can provide about this particular branch of my family tree. As I have said,I have only a few old snapshots of her when they were living in Rogers, Ohio.  I know that he had three sisters, Jerry, Jackie and Janet.


     Jerry married Jack Hurst and they had a daughter named Cyndee (I think that is how she spelled it)  She got married to someone with the last name of Muskovich.  The last information I had on her was that she lived in Centerville, Ohio.


     Jackie married Thomas Gumble and they had a son named Tommy Jr and a daughter named Patty.


     Janet married a man whose last name was Burson.  I am not sure of the spelling and I do not know his first name.


     If you have any additional information and would like to provide it, please use the "Comment Form" below.  Thank you!

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