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Basic Information
Matrimonial Records
Birth Records
Adoption Records
In Memoriam

Welcome to “The Family Workshop”


This page has been specifically developed as a central location for all interactive forms currently being used for this web site.  As explained in the “Overview” page of the main site, the purpose of this particular section of this site is provided for family members to either have created for them a “Family Fact Sheet” or to update an existing one.  The information obtained through this “Workshop” is used exclusively for the purpose of maintaining an updated “Family Directory” which is strictly for genealogical reference only.


Please note, this site does not request any personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses or other information that could pose a threat to any person or their family and it is strongly suggested that this information not be submitted through any web site.  Safety is always the first and foremost concern with regards to the publication of any information, personal or otherwise on the Internet.


This “Workshop” contains various forms designed to collect different genealogical information about family members.  It has been broken down into sections that hopefully make it “user friendly” in both the initial submission as well as updating any information used to create the individual “Family Fact Sheet”.


While each different section is identified on the Navigation Bar to the left, below is a brief description of the page and its purpose.  Each page contains a more in-depth opening description as to what the form is all about, to include the when and how to complete each one. 


The “Basic Information” section is the first section of this site and provides the largest amount of information at any one time.  The information provided through this section is used for the initial creation of that particular family members “Family Fact Sheet” which identifies them as a family member through basic genealogical information such as; full name at birth, the date and place of birth, their parents’ names at birth (meaning that the mothers maiden name is also provided) to include dates and places of birth if known.  It also records the same information about the grandparents and great grand parents on both the mother and fathers side, if known.


The “Matrimonial Records” section of this site is the second section of the “Family Fact Sheet” because it records the genealogical data with reference to marriages.  It has been created as a separate section because of the fact that a “Family Fact Sheet” may have been initiated on a family member before they were ever married as well as the possibility of multiple marriages, specifically those where there were children born to the union.


The “Birth Records” section is also maintained as a separate section so that family members can submit the information regarding the birth of a child without having to resubmit information that was previously submitted through other forms.  This form can also be used to submit information regarding children born to relationships where the parents were not married.


The “Adoption Records” section of this site actually covers two situations whereas an individual can be identified as a family member based on the criterion of this particular genealogy site.  For the purposes of this web site, children that are adopted and legally given a surname within this family tree will be considered ‘legal descendants’ and those children that become members of this family through marriage, children who are socially referred to as ‘step-children’ will be considered ‘valid descendants’ within this historical site.


The “In Memoriam” section of this site has been provided for the purpose of submitting information regarding the death and burial of family members.


Located on the navigation bar of the main page "Heritage House - A Family History" is a page that is dedicated to the memory of those members of our family that have preceded us in death.


These obituaries are then titled as “In Memoriam”, printed and currently filed in a three-ring binder.  As time and finances permit, these documents will be modified into decorative remembrance certificates and filed onto a CD so that they can be shared electronically with family members. 


The “Miscellaneous” section is just that.  The form provided on this page is designed to allow for the submission of any information regardless of topic, so long as it pertains to a subject or topic that has already been identified within this site.


This information can be things like accomplishments such as College or University Graduations, Military Service, Dates and Locations where a family member held a Public Office, Volunteer Work or other Humanitarian Service (non-Military) performed by a family member, etc.  Basically any information that you would like to contribute in a positive manner regarding any family member that helps to build the history and story of our family.



SPECIAL NOTE:  The web site does not retain any information submitted through the use of the interactive forms contained therein.  All forms automatically clear themselves once the information has been submitted.  It is sent to a non-published email address through the publisher directly to the site coordinator.  All information is then hand written into the Family Directory and is not published in any form through any medium.