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In Memoriam

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The “In Memoriam” section of this site has been provided for the purpose of submitting information regarding the death and burial of family members. 


Please note, while I would dearly love to create a complete section devoted to the recording and presentation of official obituary files, additional web space can be very expensive.  However, in the mean time and for those who wish to submit a copy of the official obituary of a family member, I do record them (as they are written), making note of the news media in which it was published.  These obituaries are then titled as “In Memoriam”, printed and currently filed in a three-ring binder.  As time and finances permit, these documents will be modified into a decorative remembrance certificate and filed onto a CD so that they can be shared electronically with family members.  They are not and will not be published on this site or anywhere else.

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Please feel free to use the "Additional Comments" section of the above form to submit any information that you feel may be important regarding the deceased individual.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The web site does not retain any information submitted through the use of the interactive forms contained therein.  All forms automatically clear themselves once the information has been submitted.  It is sent to a non-published email address through the publisher directly to the site coordinator.  All information is then hand written into the Family Directory and is not published in any form through any medium.