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Birth Records

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Birth Records
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The “Birth Records” section is also maintained as a separate section so that family members can submit the information regarding the birth of a child without having to submit information that was previously submitted through other forms.  This form can also be used to submit information regarding children born to relationships where the parents were not married.

Your Full Name
Your Current/Valid Email Address
Childs' Full Given Name
Indicate Son or Daughter
Date and Place of Birth (City/State)
Your Relationship to the Child (Mother/Father)
Full Name (at Birth) of Other Parent
Additional Comments

Please note, do not use this form to submit information regarding children born to your spouse to a previous marriage/relationship.  See the “Adoption Records” page of this site for the submission of that type of information.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The web site does not retain any information submitted through the use of the interactive forms contained therein.  All forms automatically clear themselves once the information has been submitted.  It is sent to a non-published email address through the publisher directly to the site coordinator.  All information is then hand written into the Family Directory and is not published in any form through any medium.