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Unlike the “In Search Of…” page, this particular page does not contain photographic images.  It has been created for the purpose of trying to clarify information rather than identify the contents of a photograph.


Sometimes during genealogy searches you can come across names that are similar enough with origins that are also unclear, it can be confusing as to exactly who the person is or is not in relation to the searchers inquiry.


Additionally, there are times when you know that you have the correct individual, but there is or at least appears to be missing or incorrect information.

The Heritage House Note-Pad

Please note, "Heritage House Note-Pad" is a stand alone web site and opens in its own separate window.  However, once you have completed and submitted the "Comment Form" you will be taken directly to a "Thank you" page.  When you click on the "Done" button, you will be taken directly back to the same page from which you submitted the "Comment Form"  You can then close the window and be returned to this page.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The web site does not retain any information submitted through the use of the interactive forms contained therein.  All forms automatically clear themselves once the information has been submitted.  It is sent to a non-published email address through the publisher directly to the site coordinator.  All information is then hand written into the Family Directory and is not published in any form through any medium.