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This site started out a number of years ago as a personal web page and without a lot of thought as to what its overall purpose was going to be other than satisfying my own curiosity about web design. While it has changed ‘faces’ and served various purposes over the years, I haven’t really done a whole lot with it since the mid 90’s.


Recently however, as I have become more and more active in different areas of the Internet such as social networking sites like Facebook as well as internet forums and message boards; I decided to redesign the site to accommodate, represent and to adapt to my personal preferences as well as perhaps enhance my individual evolutionary process into Cyber Space.


The main reason for my choice in utilizing a personally designed web site is because I choose to have more control over specific aspects of certain information expressed through sites I currently use on the internet. The areas of particular concern are the "personal information" sections or ‘the profiles’ on the interactive and even some non-social sites.  I find that most of them have limitations in place that are far too restrictive when it comes to self-expression and even a bit coercive with respect to their choices, so I created my own ‘online profile’ through the use of this site.


I also resent the assumption that people are all neatly designed to fit into specific holes in a given board, thus I refuse to simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to their choice of questions.  Admittedly I have been quite offended at times regarding the peculiarity of some of the multiple choice answers available to their equally peculiar set of questions.  The information provided is what I choose to present and in the form I choose to present it.


While this is essentially a personal site, its purpose is not to display family pictures or share stories about family vacations.  Rather, it’s more of a place that presents an extension of myself, such as beliefs, opinions and sometimes a little attitude.


Thanks for stopping by!



This is a personal web site and not connected with any outside web rings.  It is owned and operated by one individual. Permission is granted to bookmark this site for personal reference, however it is requested that other sites are not linked to this site due to the adult material contained herein.  It is expressly requested that all communications be contained either as a ‘Comment’ to the blog associated with this site or through the ‘Contact Me” page located on the navigation bar of this site.