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Most of the blogs I maintain are directly related to various pages contained within this site, therefore a link to the blog has been provided at the bottom of each page.  The two blogs listed on this page are not connected to the content of any page within this site.


It is my personal feelings that these particular blogs be considered ‘adult in nature’ primarily due more to the essence of what the blog is about rather than the use of adult language.  This is not to say that adult language is not used during the course of posting certain information.


I would also like to add a word of caution to any potential reader.  These are my personal blogs; they are my outlets for various situations and events occurring in my life either past or present.  While comments are always welcome, I’m not out here blogging in these two particular areas for the purpose of an open discussion so to speak.  They should be viewed and respected as such, if you can’t do that then don’t read them.


Directly below each link is a basic description of the purpose of the blog.

My Life - A Work in Progress

“My Life – A Work in Progress” is a complex journey into some of the events of my past as they relate to family, friends and some of the decisions I’ve made throughout my life.  In many ways this is as much of a philosophical expression as it is a personal exercise in therapeutic recovery.

The Mad Gazzetter

“The Mad Gazzetter” is essentially an opinion driven blog that is fed by current events of nearly every topic that can be found in the headlines today.  More often than not my posts are more ‘devil’s advocate’ style commentary regarding certain issues that evoke varied emotions for me.  There are no taboo topics here, just issues on which I feel the need to express an opinion.


This web site is the personal and intellectual property of Valerie J. Buchanan.  Any reproduction of this site, either whole or in part, to include any sites contained herein is expressly prohibited.  Linking this site or any site contained therein to any other site constitutes and shall be viewed as ‘reproduction’ and is expressly prohibited.  Such action constitutes active infringements in accordance with current state and federal laws governing copyrighted materials.