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Dear Visitor, thank you for your interest in reading my profile.


You have been directed to this landing page because I refuse to be sculpted into a specific type of peg that is hammered into a particular hole in a given social board.  If you are truly interested in reading about me as a person, who I am and what I’m all about, then you’ll find the list of web sites provided below to be far more informative than any ‘cookie cutter questionnaire style profile’ that only offers the same in the choice of stupid irrelevant answers.

"Officially Speaking"

While it reads somewhat like a biography, the above indicated web site “Officially Speaking” was created based on the concept of establishing and maintaining better control over my ‘Internet Profile.’

Heritage House - A Family History

This is a personal genealogy project primarily devoted to but not limited to the basic familial surnames of Gorby, Hostetter, Hughes, Miller and Starkey, which comprise the bulk of my ancestry.

Family Workshop

This site is a collection of all the interactive forms designed for ‘user submitted’ information about that specific family member, it is a stand-alone site that was created and incorporated into the Heritage House site.  The ‘Family Workshop’ has been provided here separately, for the convenience of family members who want to submit new or updated information without visiting the main genealogy site.

My Blog Page

This page contains introductions and links to various blogs that I have currently published.  Some of the blogs have also been published throughout the applicable web sites, while others are 'stand alone' and not related to any specific web site.