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This page records the information regarding my individual search into the Gorby Branch of my Personal Family Heritage.

Primary Individual - Self

Valerie Jean Miller   Born:  08/16/1959     Died:



Carol Ann Hostetter   Born:  09/24/1938     Died:  01/07/2002

On 07/08/1957, she married

Merland Martin Miller   Born:  (Unknown)     Died:  (Unknown)


Grand Parents

Margie Eilene Gorby   Born:  09/01/1921    Died: 08/02/2010

On 07/28/1938 she married

Clyde Richard Hostetter Sr.   Born:  01/22/1920    Died:  06/08/1982

Connecting Lineage:  Carol Ann Hostetter - Their Daughter/My Mother


Great Grand Parents

Norman Leroy Gorby   Born:  12/30/1892     Died:  12/24/1964

On 12/24/1917 he married

Mabel Ellen French   Born:  10/02/1900     Died:  04/29/1978

Connecting Lineage:  Margie Eilene Goby - Their Daughter/My Grandmother


Great-Great Grand Parents   

John Clark Gorby   Born:  04/11/1853     Died:  08/26/1908

On (date unknown) he married

Lydia Jane (Dyke) Gorby   Born:  04/14/1853     Died:  02/06/1925

Connecting Lineage:  Norman Leroy Gorby - Their Son/My Great Grandfather

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