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Valerie Jean Buchanan:  A Simple Life


I currently live in East Palestine, Ohio with my Significant Other Preston Jeffries and our two dogs; Buckingham and Kohl.


I grew up in Lisbon, Ohio and graduated from David Anderson High School in May of 1977.


I completed 13 years of active duty military service and have both lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe.  I have lived in Germany, France, Italy, England and Belgium.  I have traveled as a civilian throughout Spain, Luxemburg and Scotland.  I have also lived in Ohio, Texas, California and Alaska on active duty with the US Army and as a civilian.


During my military career I served in various capacities such as Personnel Management Specialist, Administrative Specialist, Special Postal Carrier, US Mail Guard, Security Police, Finance Specialist, Basic Combat Medic and Human Resource Manager.


Through various educational opportunities provided through out my career in the US Army I have achieved my Masters Degree in Personnel and Business Administration with a Bachelor of Science in the field of Theology.  Additional courses of interest as they pertained at times to various military positions, I have Associate Degrees in Information Systems Management and the Humanitarian Arts.


I have been an active member of the Defenders of Wildlife for many years.  I am also a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association.  I hold a Lifetime Membership in both the Alaska Army National Guard and the Texas Army National Guard.  I am an advocate for Human Rights.


Moving on to a lighter note, I am finally getting into this semi-retired thing, enjoying more time to do the things I actually like doing.  I’m pretty much a homebody in that while I sincerely enjoy gathering with my friends, I’m most happy when they have a way of descending upon my house rather them me going there.  Something to do with the age factor I guess.


I love reading and have a few painting projects that I enjoy in my spare time.  I enjoy both canvas painting with oils rather than acrylics but I love working with ceramics as well.  I also love horses and everything there is about them.  I love camping and being outside around a big fire, talking with my family and friends.


I love going around to flea markets and yard sales to see what there is to see.  I like buying old things, refinishing them either because I wanted it for myself or as something to maybe sell later on down the road.


Another of my hobbies is also photography, the recreating and preservation of history through photojournalism.  I am also an amateur genealogist and have been quite fascinated with the story of my family for many years.  It is a never-ending journey into the past, sparkled by many unique treasures. 


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